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Aston Homes Explain: Ceiling Insulation

Apr 05, 2019

Transparency is at the heart of Aston Homes’ values – and that’s why we’re happy to share the ins and outs of our building process with our customers. Today, we share the details of our ceiling insulation process. Enjoy these insights from Aston Homes’ experienced site supervisor Damian Kot!

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Purchasing Your Investment Property: Capital Gains and Rental Income

Apr 03, 2019

So, you’ve decided to purchase a newly-built home as an investment property? How exciting! Whilst you may be itching to change your title to ‘landlord’ as soon as possible – there are several important aspects of real estate investment you should be across relating to the benefits and responsibilities of your future rental income. In today’s blog, the Aston Homes team answer frequently asked questions we’re posed by would-be landlords.

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New-Build Communities – Your Happy Retirement

Apr 01, 2019

Mature Melbournites who choose to build in our city’s vibrant outer suburbs will soon discover that there are many wonderful social activities to take part in all year round! Today, the Aston Homes team are happy to highlight our favourite local libraries, social clubs and community events across the locales we build in. Let’s get out and about!

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Why A House And Land Package Is A Great Option For First Home Buyers

Mar 28, 2019

Unsure whether a house and land package is for you? From opportunities within new communities to a streamlined purchase process, there’s no end to the benefits of buying new-build properties. In today’s blog Aston Homes highlight why this is a great choice for first home buyers in particular. Enjoy! 

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The Best Flooring Options for Families with Young Children and Pets

Mar 27, 2019

With so many different types of flooring available, choosing the right kind for your home can be a challenge. Identifying your family’s unique needs will help to narrow down your selection – are you after flooring that’s low-maintenance and hypoallergenic or something durable yet elegant? The team at Aston Homes are happy to discuss your unique needs — but for now, let’s explore two of our best recommendations to suit a young family – four-legged members included!

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Floorplan Spotlight: Newport III

Mar 21, 2019

The Aston Homes design team work hard to create spacious and contemporary floorplans – and we’d love for you to become a little more familiar with them. In today’s blog, we welcome you to learn more about one of our comfortable, tranquil and elegant designs – the Newport III.

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How To Be A Great Neighbour

Mar 17, 2019

We hope these tips help to bring out the best in your neighbourhood! If you’re after more insight on the communities in which Aston Homes build, get in touch with our friendly team here. 

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Why You Should Visit A Display Home Before Selecting A Builder

Mar 14, 2019

Selecting a quality builder should be an exciting occasion for you and your family, not one that’s costly and time consuming. So, how can you ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make the very best decision? By visiting a builder’s finished product – of course! In today’s blog, the Aston Homes team highlight how visiting a display home can assist in your builder selection.

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Aston Homes Explain: The Pre-Site Stage Of Construction

Mar 08, 2019

Transparency is of great importance to the Aston Homes team and that’s why we’re happy to share the ins and outs of our building process with you. There are a number of steps that occur even before we lay the very first brick of a new-build, so in today’s blog we’re outlining the ‘pre-site stage’ of construction. Enjoy!

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Home Styling: Your Home Theatre

Mar 07, 2019

Nothing brings the family together like a great movie, TV show, or game night in the comfort of your very own home. So, how can your family make the most of your theatre room, amplifying your Friday nights by oscar-winning proportions? Today, the Aston Homes team provide you with some hot tips for styling your home theatre – now all you need is the popcorn!

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Why A New Build Is Perfect For Retirement Living

Mar 07, 2019

Australia’s population is aging. Our baby-boomers are heading in to their golden years and incredible medical advances mean that we’re all living longer. So, many members of our ageing population (and their children) are left wondering – where to from here? In today’s blog the Aston Homes team offer our best advice – retiring to a brand new build! Why is this a greater option than an aged care facility? Let’s explore!

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Volunteering In Your Local Community

Feb 27, 2019

Melbourne’s outer north and western suburbs are wonderful places to live, but it’s not just the excellent lifestyle opportunities that make these such great communities – it’s the people that live and work locally! Whether you’re new to the area and would like to meet new people, or you’ve got some spare time and would simply like to give back, the Aston Homes team are here to highlight some local organisations that you can give your time to.

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