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Sep 05, 2019

Aston Homes’ Guide To Styling Children’s Bedrooms

Creating a space that your kids love offers them an early sense of independence and pride. As they grow, their tastes change, so giving your kids’ rooms a revamp can bring their space up to date with who they are. In today’s blog, Aston Homes provide you with some styling tips to suit these changing times!

Little ones.

With floorspace dominated by toys and clothes filling cupboards, a bedroom for your young ones needs to be smart with space! While Aston Homes’ bedrooms are notably spacious, introducing loft beds is a great way to give your kids an exciting new bedroom without too much fuss. Raised beds create extra floor space and room to play! A desk area or reading nook can also teach young children how to be alone and enjoy their own company, also giving them a space to care for and tidy up themselves. By teaching your kids that everything has a place, you may be able to enjoy tidier bedrooms and more orderly playtime!

Growing Pains.

As your little ones start to grow up, their interests and style will change. As you move away from loft beds, regular bed frames with storage space beneath can maximise space in the room. And while we love a racecar bed, these aren’t forever either! Between the ages of 9-13 interests are unlikely to last long, so ensure any changes you make are easily adaptable. Try to keep the overall design quite neutral and use prints and rugs that can be put up and taken down, without full commitment to Peppa Pig or Ben 10!

Teenage Kicks.

As your child enters their teens, their tastes will become more aligned with adulthood. At this point, they may wish to neutralise brighter colours and get rid of any reminders of their younger years. A fresh lick of paint and some new bedding and accessories will help bring teenager bedroom designs up to date and give them the sense of independence they’re craving. Think about their age and schooling – try matching appropriate study equipment with a desk, chair, organisational space, filing drawers and bookcase, while eliminating any distractions like tech games and tv.

The Aston Homes team hope you’ve enjoyed today’s styling tips to best accommodate for your growing family. If you’re ready to get started on your family’s property journey with Aston Homes, contact us here!