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Aug 21, 2019

Three-Coat Paint System – Perfect For Young Families

At Aston Homes we love building homes for families – and we understand their unique needs. Young families require low-maintenance, hard-wearing finishes, that still look a treat. Today, we highlight why the Aston Homes three-coat paint system is the perfect, easy-care finish for young families on the go! Read on.

What’s the three-coat paint system?

Aston Homes three-coat paint system is exactly how it sounds – it’s simply three coats of paint! This often consists of base or undercoat + colour + colour. When painting a surface for the first time, opting for a three-coat system makes for a strong and long lasting seal. This technique also establishes the foundation for which all future coatings will be applied. If you’re looking for longevity, long lasting colour and easy care – the three-coat system is the way to go, and that’s why it’s this technique is the Aston Homes way!

How does this benefit young families?

Little ones running around means household wear and tear, it simply can’t be helped! Kids love to play, splash, draw and get messy – so a wall covering that complements the comings and goings of a young family is essential to the Aston Homes team. The three-coat system makes it easier to wipe away stains, smudges and any flying spaghetti directed at your walls !

How does this lift Aston Homes above the competition?

Many builders elect to use a two-coat system to reduce time and cut their overheads – but that’s not the Aston Homes way. At Aston Homes, we prefer to provide a three-coat quality finish from the outset – even if it does take a little longer to dry! Ensuring our workmanship will withstand the test of time, means that we’re focused on building quality, modern homes with all the trimmings for Australian families.

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