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Aug 07, 2019

Investor Insights: Kylie and Wayne

In today’s blog, our team are delighted to introduce Kylie and Wayne – a lovely couple who built an investment property with Aston Homes in 2017 and are currently in the pre-construction stage of their new family home. The couple give an honest insight into building with Aston Homes and the benefits of investing in a new build rather than an established home. It’s a story we’re proud to share!

How long have you been a property investor?

We purchased our first investment property way back in 2005, which was a new construction property in Queensland. After a short amount of time, we started struggling to keep up with payments on the shortfall, so we sold it in 2007.  We then purchased our next investment property through our Self Managed Super Fund in 2016, then another through Aston Homes in 2017.

How does the experience of building a new home versus buying established differ?

We have actually NEVER purchased an established home. We always build new, whether it be for an investment or as our family home. Our new home, which we are building with Aston Homes, will in fact be my seventh time building a home!

What factors did you consider when deciding to buy a new build for investment rather than purchasing an established property?

We prefer to purchase new builds for the depreciation benefits and lower maintenance costs.

What are the main benefits/perks you think have resulted from your decision to build new rather than buy an established home for your investment?

Newer homes are easier to rent and maintain!

During the planning and building process building your investment property with Aston, did you have any issues along the way or after handover? 

Everything went really smoothly during construction, and the interior and exterior colour scheme boards make colour selection really easy. After our first tenants moved out, twelve months after handover, our property manager noted that the floorboards seemed to be lifting.  I contacted Aston Homes, who sent someone out to inspect, and they promptly replaced the floorboards with a better quality products without any expense to us. They were laid before our new tenants moved in.

You are in the process of building a new home to live in yourselves, why did you decide to build with Aston again?

The after sales service we received really influenced our decision to go with Aston Homes again.  We were lucky enough to be looking when the Denver range was available and were really happy with the floorplan and the price, with the inclusions that were offered.

What factors did you consider when deciding what area to build in?

Our previous investment through Aston Homes was built in the Merrifield Estate, Mickleham.  We had come from Craigieburn and were looking to downsize our home, and the infrastructure that is planned for Merrifield is really exciting.  I think it’s going to be a really great area once it’s up and running.  We purchased land that’s going to be walking distance to the new Westfield Shops that’s opening next year.

What tips do you have for other property investors who are trying to decide who to build with?

The location is just as important as choosing the builder.  Make sure you check out previous works that the builder has worked on, and the quality of the finishes.

Would you build with Aston Homes again?

Absolutely.  I’ve recommended Aston Homes on many of the community Facebook pages, where people have asked for info on builders.  I’ve sent a few down to see Robert and Jo at Wollert and told them they are great to deal with.  Someone else on one of the community pages, noted that the Aston Homes sites are the cleanest sites he had seen.

The Aston Homes team are happy to assist with information regarding your next investment. If you’re considering one of our floorplans for your new-build, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. Contact us here!