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Aug 05, 2019

Creating A Zen Garden At Home

Looking to create a place where you can relax, feel free from the stresses of life and introduce calming elements into your daily life? A Zen garden might just be for you! In today’s Aston Homes blog, we provide tips on how to bring a calming part of nature into your home.

What is a Zen garden?

Originating in Japan, Zen gardens are almost like miniature landscapes, bringing together elements that symbolise different aspects of nature. Often Zen gardens include white gravel that is raked in a ripple effect – like the ocean’s waves. They also feature rocks, boulders, short trees, shrubbery and plants that are pruned to perfection. Zen gardens, however, hold more than just the beauty of these physical features. These elements each carry meaning, symmetry and contrast – coming together to promote harmony and peace.

How to create a Zen garden

  1. Clear a flat, sun-kissed rectangular space in your backyard. This space will need to be cleared of stones, existing plants, bumps and edges – so select a space that’s not too busy and simple to work with.


  1. Use a shovel to remove the top layer of soil. Ensure that you’re keeping the space level by staking out the rectangle and tying string from corner to corner. Keep your string level and work to its guide. Using a garden rake, rake out any uneven spots and pat down the soil.


  1. Next, place the larger stones you have selected along the edges. Cobblestone is a good choice. This edging will retain the white gravel that you’ll lay in the final stages.


  1. If you’re choosing to include some smooth, rounded boulders or larger rocks to represent mountains or islands in your Zen garden, use a shovel to dig holes for these to sit. Arrangement is up to you but consider how these features occur naturally – let nature be your guide! Arrange the rocks accordingly and at the same time, dig holes for the plants you’ve selected.


  1. Next, pop your plants in their places, water them and lay the landscaping fabric choice you’ve selected. Ensure you leave adequate breathing room to accommodate boulders, rocks and plants.


  1. Now it’s time to lay white gravel. Spread and distribute. Now’s the fun part! Rake your desired ripples and swirls into your gravel with a wooden rake. Let the Zen begin!

Need to nurture

Nurture and care for your plants by watering regularly, keeping dirt fresh, using natural fertiliser and controlling pests and insects with appropriate organic sprays and systems. Showing your plants, a little tender love and care is comforting for your soul too!

The Aston Homes team understands the importance of maintaining a low-maintenance, sustainable garden! Follow our helpful landscaping tips, send a photo of the result to our Instagram or Facebook page.  When you are ready to plan your new home that will feature your very own Zen garden, start the ball rolling by visiting one of our display homes!