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Jul 24, 2019

Enjoy Landscaping Later In Life

The beauty of a new-build home is that you can adapt elements and features to suit your stage of your life. As well as selecting the perfect floorplan to suit your needs, you can landscape your garden to perfectly suit your lifestyle, too! In this Aston Homes blog, we share our best tips for landscaping later in life.

Vertical Gardens

Looking to create a beautiful garden, you can maintain standing or sitting? Consider a raised flower bed or a vegetable garden with distinct boarders to add a unique, easy-care element to your garden. The use of vertical gardens and upright planter boxes will put a stop to uncomfortable kneeling and stretching to keep your garden in tip-top shape. This is the perfect modification to help reduce the physical stress associated with gardening because it reduces the bending and stooping while you plant, potter and harvest!

Adaptive Equipment

Now on the market are a range of handy tools and equipement designed to provide further convenience than every before. Retractable hanging baskets, smaller four wheel carts and portable benches will assist you to maintain your elevated garden beds. Another handy tip is to apply foam and tape to the handles of your existing tools to create a more comfortable, easy grip – say goodbye to callouses and blisters! Plus, when purchasing your garden tools, make sure you go for the lightweight options as these will always be simpler to handle.

Easy Care

To allow you to enjoy your garden all year round, you can set up your workspace on a portable table that can be moved according to the seasons. In summer and winter you might set under the protection of your alfresco, keeping your gloves and a hat handy to protect your skin in the heat. Another great tip is to keep a garden chair, banana lounge or outdoor setting nearby for easy breaks or to enjoy a cool drink. Make sure that there is a tap nearby for easy watering and install a retractable hose for less effort when it comes to clean up!

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