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May 22, 2019

New Home Plumbing Issues – What To Look For

When purchasing or building a new home, it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll be moving into a beautifully constructed home, however that is not always the case. New property owners can unfortunately be confronted with hidden plumbing issues that could not possibly have been detected on the final walk-through. In today’s blog, we uncover some common plumbing issues that can occur when building a new home. We also offer our expert advice on what to look out for and how Aston Homes addresses these issues.

Common Plumbing Issues

Most plumbing issues in new homes occur due to a lack of high quality materials (the builder trying to cost cut), careless trades or insufficient quality checking by the builder. Problems like crushed or broken pipes and leaky pipes caused by poorly installed pipes and infrastructure may not be visible at final inspection. They may take some days, weeks or even months to show as water pressure issues or wet patches in the backyard or at the very worst ‘slab heave’ – a condition so severe that the whole house needs to be re-built. The worst part of the problem is that these plumbing errors occur underground or in places that are difficult to access, such as under the concrete slab or behind walls so you may not know about them until they have cause substantial damage.

What’s The Aston Homes Answer?

The only way to avoid plumbing problems is to selected a builder who has high standards when it comes to the trades they use and a stringent quality checking process in place to ensure that any issues that may arise during the construction process are picked up and fixed quickly and completely prior to you getting your keys.

The Aston Homes plumbing quality inspection process includes three separate camera checks during the construction stage of every home build to ensure that you do not have any issues or damage to the plumbing, sewerage system or storm water drains on your property.

The first of the three camera inspections happens ‘post-base’. This check occurs when the site has been cleared and leveled ready for construction, focusing on inspecting the storm water drain.

The final two checks are the ‘pre-downpipe connection’ check, occurring before the downpipes are installed at the property. An inspection is completed on the sewer system and a second camera check of the storm water drain. The types of issues that may be detected at this point are crushed or damaged pipes due to heavy trucks delivering roofing, concrete and bricks, bobcats used for site cleanup and pipes being pierced by star pickets (inserted into the ground to hold slab boxing).

Peace of Mind

Aston Homes’ plumbing and inspection process is completed to a standard far above many of their competition not only guaranteeing greater structural integrity in your new build home but it means long term savings in your back pocket too!

The Aston Homes team hope you enjoy a deeper understanding of the Aston Homes plumbing process. Have questions? Our team are happy to talk you through any queries regarding your new build. We’re available to chat on 1300 060 908 or visit us at astonhomes.com.au.