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May 09, 2019

Setting Standards – Developer Requirements In New-Build Communities

If you have chosen to build a home in one of Melbourne’s fantastic new-build communities, then it’s likely that the design of your home will need to adhere to a strict set of standards and guidelines set by the estate developer. These guidelines not only ensure that there is a sense of design cohesion within the community – they work to protect your safety and security, too! In today’s blog, the Aston Homes team unpack these guidelines – ensuring your new-build ticks all the right boxes. Read on!

Design Requirements

Design requirements are often introduced to achieve a degree of visual cohesion, aesthetic and shared colour scheme between the houses in an estate. They also work to ensure the safety and security of the entire community. Some standards may be introduced to protect against flood or fire risk and others are simply to encourage contemporary Australian design and character.

Common design guidelines include:

  • Position – the home may need to be setback a particular distance from the footpath, there also may be a set orientation for the home’s positioning.
  • Facade Choice – there may be restrictions on which façades can sit side by side
  • Colours – there may be a specified colour palate that can or cannot be used in the façade design
  • Materials – there may be a specified materials or mix of materials to be used in façade design


Landscaping and fencing is another area in which developers may impose a set standards for safety and cohesion. Ensuring that attractive gardens, streetscapes and parklands are created – some blocks will also have special requirements which will depend on each land allotment.

Common landscaping guidelines include:

  • Flora and fauna – there may be certain plant and tree types encouraged, Australian natives are a popular choice.
  • Fencing – there may be a material, height or style specified
  • Utility Positioning – it is usually required that the hot water unit is hidden from view and meter box placed in a particular position
  • Letterbox style – there may be a required shape or design of letterbox required

The Aston Homes team are in daily contact with developers and more than are happy to assist you in navigating these waters. Ready to talk design options? Get in touch here!