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May 02, 2019

Aston Homes Guide To Outdoor Play In Winter

During Winter the days may be shorter and the mornings more crisp, but this doesn’t have to mean that outdoor play needs to stop! In today’s blog, we highlight how you can utilise your alfresco to create the perfect outdoor play zone for your little ones during the colder months. Read on!

Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course in your alfresco area is a great way to encourage physical activity, time in the fresh air and problem solving on chilly winter days. Depending on the age and ability of your kids, you can introduce a range of activities to be completed in a circuit. Ten skips in this corner, a crawl under the table in that corner, six star jumps here and a ball toss to finish. Then repeat, but in reverse! The options are endless and the more movement the better.

Moving To Music

Dancing to music is the perfect way to warm up, fast! Simply push your outdoor furniture to the side of your alfresco area, set up your speakers, pick your playlist and you’ve got yourself a homemade dancefloor. You can even install some twinkling fairy lights for further disco vibes. Adding some props – like ribbons or homemade shakers – will encourage even more grooving. Games like musical chairs, bobs and statues and freeze are perfect for a little bit of healthy competition.

Undercover Garden

Your alfresco presents the perfect place for little green thumbs to explore gardening for the first time. Your alfresco will still enjoy lots of sunlight over the cooler months, but also provides a space sheltered from the wind and frost. Most importantly, it’s easy for the kids to access and remember to care for their plants! Your local Bunnings or garden centre will have a range of pots, a mini greenhouse or planter box options in which you can create your undercover garden. Help your children to select plants that are winter hardy and get growing!

The Aston Homes team love sharing our tips and tricks for home living with you. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with our helpful team!