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Mar 08, 2019

Aston Homes Explain: The Pre-Site Stage Of Construction

Transparency is of great importance to the Aston Homes team and that’s why we’re happy to share the ins and outs of our building process with you. There are a number of steps that occur before we are ready to lay even the very first brick of a new-build, so in today’s blog we’re outlining the ‘pre-site stage’ of construction. Enjoy!

Home Selection and Drafting

This initial stage of roughly four-weeks will be a time of communication between you and the Aston Homes team. You’ll be selecting your home design from our range of floorplans and facades and we’ll be drafting your brand new build based on your requested changes, block specifics and special requirements.

Soil and Site Review

Provided that you have been granted a title for your land, the Aston Homes team and our third-party experts will take the lead for around the next two weeks. A number of soil and site tests will be conducted and reports prepared.  These reports are what is used to design the foundations for your new home – a very important step in the ‘pre-construction stage’. There is a large variance when it comes to soil analysis results across Melbourne’s North and West. To create greater peace of mind, Aston Homes include site costs up to a H2 soil conditions and 5m2 rock removal as standard.

Colour Selection

This third stage is an exciting one for the interior designer in you. At around 6 weeks in, you will book your appointment to come to the Aston Homes Style Gallery to select your colours and styling preferences, as well as any luxe upgrades you’d like to add to our already incredible list of inclusions.


Around 9 week, comes the administration stage, which will begin with the preparation of your tender. Your tender will detail your building costs, the styling choices you have made and include a final draft of your home for approval. Once accepted, your final contract will be readied for your signature. This contract will be an extensive document detailing all the working drawings and specifications of your new home. Around 10 weeks we will ask for confirmation of your loan approval (if you are using finance) and around 13 weeks we will finalise all permits, paperwork and permissions necessary. This part of process relies heavily on third-party input (councils, inspectors and developers) so there can be some back and forth.

If the Aston Homes team predict that the timeline will be impacted, you will be notified as swiftly as possible.

Site Ready! 

All going according to plan, around week 18 all of the ‘pre-planning’ for your new home will be complete, sparking the beginning of the ‘construction stage’ when you will be invited to grab coffee with your dedicated building supervisor to start the new stage in the process. Excting times ahead!

Interested in learning more about the Aston Homes building process? Let’s chat! Contact our friendly team on 1300 060 908 for more information on how we work.