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Mar 07, 2019

Home Styling: Your Home Theatre

Nothing brings the family together like a great movie, TV show, or video game night in the comfort of your very own home. So, how can your family make the most of your theatre room, amplifying your Friday nights by oscar-winning proportions? Today, we provide you with some hot tips for styling your home theatre – now all you need is the popcorn!

Screen time

The first step to setting up your home theatre is to select the type of screen that will best suit your movie marathons. Given the connectivity options of 2019, you’ll want to choose something that truly is up-to-the-minute. Today’s extensive collection of Smart TVs are a great place to begin. Easy connection to additional components, such as streaming services, audio, Bluetooth, gaming technology and more will give you hours of rainy-day entertainment at the flick of a switch. Smart TVs can be quite sizable too, so there’s no need to fret about losing out on that wide-screen cinema experience. Whether you’re a loyal to a brand or open to the best option on the day, there’s a Smart TV to suit you.

Sound check

While the exceptional quality of your Aston Homes build gives you a solid framework to work with, to achieve great sound, you will need to install a powerful and clear sound systems.  Like with all technology there is a massive range on the market.  Rather than focusing on big name brands and therefor paying for the name, focus on quality components. The ideal system provides clear sound from the front and rear with a subwoofa giving extra oomph when it comes to those high impact action sequences. There’s a reason it’s called surround sound!

Time to recline

For a true gold-class cinema experience be sure to invest in a comfortable lounge or a collection of luxe recliners so you can really soak up the experience. Hot tip: select and position your seating  prior to positioning your TV – this will ensure you enjoy the optimum viewing angle! Scatter your lounge with stylish pillows and a throw rug, ensure you have a coffee table within easy reach. You’ll want the popcorn in easy reach!


You’ll want to keep additional styling minimal in your home theatre. Artworks, posters and colourful throws can be a visual distraction from the main event. Some people prefer a darker paint colour for the walls.  We also recommend securing and storing your cords, cables and tech mess neatly and safely, to avoid trip hazards. When it comes setting the mood, it all starts with the lighting. Dimmers are an easy way to ensure that cinematic feel, while also allowing for brighter lighting when needed. Some film buffs install window shutters to acheive almost total black out during their film watching sessions. With the best seat in the house, you’ll want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your first-class viewing experience!

We hope you find these big-screen style tips helpful! For more insight into Aston Homes exceptional floorplans and facades, get in touch with our friendly team here