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Feb 14, 2019

Best Backyard Tips To Enjoy An Australian Summer

Australian summers are famous for their gorgeous sunsets, backyard BBQs and beach trips – but the sizzling hot temperatures can sometimes make us feel a little restricted at home. What’s the alternative to aircon-powered afternoons indoors? Clever outdoor-living ideas that can keep you cool and your gardens flourishing! In this Aston Homes blog, we offer summery outdoor living advice that’s sustainable, Australian-friendly and drought-hardy.

Play wise

On a steamy summer’s day, the kids are going to want to make a splash! Water balloon battles, homemade slip-and-slides and running under the sprinklers form fond childhood memories for many Australian families. Though tons of fun, these activities are unfortunately quite wasteful during periods of drought. So, how can you beat the heat without wasting water? Consider creating a shady space in your backyard – or expand on the shade you already have! Outdoor umbrellas, fabric canopies, tarps or even household linen can provide wonderful shade for an afternoon at home. The kids can bring their toys outdoors, enjoy a backyard picnic in their shady cubby or kick back and get some reading practice in.

Practice grasscycling

To keep your lawn as green as possible, give grasscycling a try! Instead of raking up and disposing of your grass cuttings on mowing day, make use of a mulching mower and return your grass cuttings to your lawn. Spreading the fresh cut grass across the lawn will help trap in the moisture, keep the lawn cooler, greener and better hydrated.

Keep it growing

The summer months are the perfect time to trim back your fruit trees, spring-flowering plants, climbers and other shrubbery. Cutting back your foliage will not only create space for more light and air throughout the garden, you’ll also be encouraging bigger and better crops in the months to come! The Aston Homes team recommend you wait for a break in the weather to grab your secateurs though – your plants will be just as stressed as you during a heatwave! Wait for that cooler breeze to blow through and then get snipping..

The Aston Homes team understand the importance of maintaining a cool and sustainable garden and outdoor living-zone throughout summer and all the other seasons of the year. For more helpful landscaping tips, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of building your dream home, contact book in an appointment with one of our new home consultants today by clicking here.