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Jan 16, 2019

New Build Perks: A Life Your Little Ones Will Love

When it comes to building a brand new home, the end result is a dream come true for parents. Moving into a home that’s low maintenance, with greater energy efficiency and all that newness – what’s not to love? But what do the kids think of these shiny new homes? In today’s blog, the Aston Homes team highlight the perks of building a brand new home with your little ones in mind. Read on!

A Sense of Belonging

For many of us, our childhood home still feels like our ‘true’ home. This is because our family home is where many of our fondest childhood memories were made. Building a home that your family will truly love, means that you’re creating a home in which your family can truly live and want to come back to at the end of each day!  A brand new build is the perfect backdrop for children to play, learn, grow – as well as a place that they will feel safe, secure and enjoy a sense of belonging. Whether it’s mixing up morning pancakes with Mum in the kitchen, snuggling up for a family movie night in the living room, measuring up against the height charts in the hallway or sneaking a sausage from Dad at the backyard barbeque – your new build will be a place that’s all yours, where your little ones will love growing up!

All the Fun                                                                                                                     

Families who choose to build in Melbourne’s outer suburbs will discover that there are so many exciting activities available all year round. For the kids, there are school holiday programs to enjoy, sporting clubs to join, local pools to splash about in, as well as regular community picnics & events to attend with friends and social groups of all ages. Long gone are the cries of ‘Muuuum…I’m bored!’ Whether you build in an established or newly build community across Melbourne’s north and west, you will be in the  perfect postcode for adventure and forging new friendships.

Great For Health

A brand new build is a wonderful environment to promote fresh and healthy living. Where questionable chemicals, dust and mould can lurk in the cracks of older buildings, building a new home ensures that everything from the finish on your bench tops to the paint on your walls complies with today’s standards and regulations – rather than those from twenty years ago! Your little ones will breathe easy in their brand new space. As well as keeping healthy in the home, the excellent amenities in Melbourne’s outer suburbs mean that fresh food, fruit and vegetables and plenty of healthy lifestyle activities are just a stone’s throw away.

The Aston Homes team work hard to creating create spacious, flowing and contemporary floor plans to suit families of every shape and size! Looking to meet your perfect Aston Homes match? Check out our diverse array of facades and floor plans to suit your lifestyle here.