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Dec 18, 2018

To Build Or To Renovate?

Found yourself stuck at a crossroads – wondering whether to renovate your existing property or build a new home from scratch? Whilst there are pros and cons to both strategies, today’s blog explores why reliable experts encourage building rather than renovating. Read on!

Unexpected Costs

For many owner-occupiers, the idea of renovating their existing home may sound like a cost-effective alternative to building from scratch. However, the majority of ‘fixer-uppers’ disprove this assumption. Renovations can end up costing significantly more than anticipated. Unexpected ‘surprises’  such as accidental damage done to fixtures during renovation, the uncovering of deeper issues or extending the works beyond the original plans can all increase the final bill. It’s common for homeowners to run into unexpected obstacles during renovation  causing the renovation process to become much more complicated and costly.

When it comes to building a new home, you can eliminate the unknown by finding out all of the costs prior to starting.

Stress Less

It’s common for families to continue living in their property whilst renovations are going on around them. Balancing the responsibility of project managing your home’s transformation, coupled with a career, family and daily chores can create a very stressful situation. Some choose to relocate while their home is being renovated, however this also adds significant cost to your overall investment.

Choosing to build a new home removes the responsibility of project managing from your shoulders because it will be managed an experienced building site manager. Knowing that the construction is in safe hands, you can go about your life without it being a constant drainer!

Don’t Compromise

Renovating a property is an exercise in compromise – as the original structure of a home dictates much of the eventual result.

Building a new home ensures that no compromises are necessary, because you have the freedom to create a dream home that suits your exact needs.

Minimise Ongoing Expenses

If you choose to renovate, you’ll be tasked with selecting the right materials, hardware and trades to complete the building works. If you have never renovated before, you are likely to make some judgement errors, which could lead to costly corrections or headaches down the track.

Instead, electing to build a new home with a reputable building company will ensure that all building works will meet the standards set by building regulatory bodies. This will allow for complete peace of mind and deliver a helpful builder’s warranty!

Energy Efficiency

Older homes were not built with the high energy efficiency standards we expect today. Even though you may choose to improve aspects of the building, there are limits to what you can achieve when renovating.

New homes are designed with a high level of energy efficiency in mind.  The result is simple – more dollars in your bank account!

When you choose to build a new home rather than renovate, you can rest easy knowing that Aston Homes will have selected the best materials and trades for your build – you can sit back and enjoy the journey of creating your new home! Let’s get started.