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Dec 18, 2018

Forward Thinking: Emerging Style Trends in 2019

If you hoped to kick 2019 with a clean slate, an interior design refresh could provide the perfect opportunity. To ensure you’re abreast of upcoming style trends, the Aston Homes team today deliver our forecast for super 2019 stylin’ and suggest ways to incorporate these trends into your home design. Let’s get cracking!  

Colour Me Calm

Hues that soothe and soften will lead the way in the new year. Chalky tones are front of mind when it comes to interior styling, complemented by cool beige and tans. The Aston Homes team suggest that you embrace this calming colour palette by adding a throw to your couch, updating your tableware or purchasing new pillows — these simple swaps can make a world of difference to your environment!

Sustainable and Natural Materials

More of a movement than a trend, ethical and sustainable styling really took off in 2018! Choosing natural fibres, such as alpaca wool, cashmere, hemp, organic cotton,organic wool and recycled polyester will continue to be a popular design choice in 2019. The movement towards natural fabrics not only speaks to one’s ethical and environmental impact – naturally upholstered furniture, throws and cushions are beautiful in their own right. These natural textiles work well in so many different architectural spaces, too!

Less Is More

For a relaxed living space, minimalism is key! Clutter-free styling is (and will likely always be) a popular trend in the design world. For your 2019 look, the Aston Homes team recommend embracing natural light, choosing functional, simple furniture peices and introducing those calming palettes we mentioned earlier. These design elements will create a sense of spaciousness across the whole house. Of course, minimalist design can pose quite a challenge if you have little ones running rampant on the daily – in which case, smart storage solutions will be your savior. Charming toy boxes and book shelves are a great way to bring order and elegance into a simply styled room!

Pastels in the Kitchen

While we’ve been enjoying pastel pinks, yellows and blues in bedroom and living room décor, the Aston Homes team agree with design experts when they say that the kitchen is next. In 2019, we’re certain pastel colour choices in both appliances and crockery will be coming to a kitchen refresh near you. A magic mint dining set or baby blue kettle could be a perfectly affordable addition to your sparkling Aston Homes kitchen!

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