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Dec 13, 2018

Aston Homes Explain: Final Quality Inspections

Looking to improve your knowledge of the building process? Great! We at Aston Homes are experts in the field of quality home construction, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. Today, we unpack the final inspection process. Read on as our team details how this process ensures the highest quality build for our clients – and lifts Aston Homes above the competition!

What is the Aston Homes process when it comes to quality inspections?

At Aston Homes, we take quality assurance very seriously. To ensure we deliver a consistently high standard with every build, we have a standard quality assurance process in place. The building site manager overseeing the construction of each home conducts a series of inspections throughout the building process to ensure that every box is ticked along the way. Then, once construction is complete, they a comprehensive inspection is done across the entire building. From their findings, they prepare a detailed list of corrections that need to be made prior to hand-over. 

Do Aston Homes hire independent inspectors to undertake inspections?

Yes! Once the site manager has completed their final checks and made any necessary corrections, most builders would consider the new home build to be complete. To ensure consistency, Aston Homes include one final step in the building process. At this stage, we engage an independent building inspector to conduct another building inspection of the home! These inspectors consider external cladding, paint quality, plaster quality, interior finishes and external factors in their report. Based on this report, the Aston Homes site managers will then go through again once again and complete any corrections or recommendations made by the independent inspector. It is once all of this has been done that the client is invited to conduct a pre-hand over inspection.

Aston Homes’ Director of Construction, Steve Lautier has this to say about their quality assurance process:

“Hiring an external inspector is not a requirement of the building process, however we decided that it needed to be a standard step in the Aston Homes building process. We hire an independent inspector at our own cost – not because we have to – but because we want to ensure that every home we build is not only within regulation but exceeds client expectations. These inspections offer a non-biased opinion that our team can then use as a measuring stick. Our goal is and has always been to ensure we are building a home of quality, up to the very highest standard every time.”

How does this lift Aston Homes above the competition?

By conducting these stringent checks, Aston Homes drastically reduce the likelihood of issues arising after a client has moved into their new home. This is really important to us. These inspections also ensure that we are producing the same quality of finish on every home we build, regardless of which site manager supervises the build.  This is where Aston Homes rise above and beyond the competition. For other builders, the homes they build are only as good as the supervisor who manages the construction so there is no guarantee of what you will get..

The Aston Homes team hope you enjoy a deeper understanding of the Aston Homes building process! Have questions? The Aston Homes team are happy to talk you through any lingering queries regarding our inspection process. We’re available to chat on 1300 060 908 or visit us at