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Nov 15, 2018

What Do Tenants Look For In A Rental Property?

In a competitive property market, renting is becoming a long-term lifestyle choice for many Australians. So, what features will have prospective tenants clambering over each other to live in your investment property? Today’s blog details just that. Read on!

Heating and cooling

Victoria’s fiery summers and frosty winters mean that providing climate control is critical to your tenants’ year-round comfort. Both air-conditioning and heating are necessary to keep indoor temperatures at a pleasant level. Not only will certain tenants be immediately attracted to a property that provides both of these features, these systems could also increase your tenants’ desire to remain living in your property and allow you to charge a higher rent. While heating may be considered an essential by the state, not all rental properties are fitted with cooling systems. Properties with both heating and cooling, alongside modern fixtures and a 6-Star Energy Rating will be more likely to attract interest in your property from day one.


Investors, have you ever bought (or built) a brand-new home? If so, you’ll remember that incredible new home feeling. The one where you turn the key and step into a sparkling new place, smelling of fresh paint with all appliances untouched? That feeling goes for tenants, too! There’s no better opportunity for a tenant to make a house a home than if they’re the first ever occupier. Prospective tenants are on the hunt for a brand-new build where everything is pristine and in perfect working order. As a bonus for landlords, there are tax advantages – as well as the likelihood of brand new interiors and sparkling new appliances encouraging tenants to take extra special care.

Low Maintenance

Busy tenants love nothing more than a low maintenance home. One of the most tiresome elements of being a tenant is having to continuously chase your landlord over aging appliances that are failing, leaky taps, fixtures that have reached the end of their life cycle – none of which should be worry in a new property. Easy-breezy upkeep is attractive outdoors, too. For prospective tenants who lack a green thumb but love a lazy Sunday session in the back yard, a low-key landscaped garden is ideal and will mean less worry for you when they give notice to vacate.

Builders Warranty

Prospective tenants will undoubtedly appreciate the builder and appliance warranties that come hand in hand with a new build. Enjoying peace of mind that they will be covered for a number of years in the case of any defects is certainly attractive to tenants when it comes to a long-term tenancy.


Being part of a thriving community is of huge import to prospective tenants! Many tenants are looking for proximity to bustling retail strips, sporting facilities, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, community centres, schools, parklands and great access to public transport. They’re looking to build a life in a community where their family will thrive – play, learn, grow and make lifelong memories. New-build communities offer all this and more.

At Aston Homes, our team build beautiful homes right across the west and north suburbs of Melbourne. We understand the unique possibilities of life here for people of all ages and vocations. Let’s bring you or your prospective tenants home! Get in touch today.