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Nov 09, 2018

The Heart of Aston Homes

There’s no doubt that the Aston Homes building experience is a unique one. Not only do we specialise in building quality homes that last,  we prioritise building trusting relationships – making the whole process a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

To better acquaint you with team Aston Homes, we spoke to one of the company’s Directors – Vic Pisevski. In today’s blog, Vic explains the five core values that drive the Aston Homes and what the brand means to him.

Trust and Respect

“Often when people look through a display home, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors involved. Not many people can afford all the finishes that they see on show in a display. At Aston Homes our philosophy is ‘what you see is what you get’. Sometimes we even refer to it as a hamburger with the lot! Everything is included, and it is affordable.”

At Aston Homes, trust and respect are two of our core values. We believe in building trust-based relationships with our team members, our trades and our clients. We also have respect for the building process. We know that our clients have done their due diligence when researching and we know that they’re able to see beyond impressive brochures and flashy advertising. That’s why we offer complete homes with all of the details considered so when we hand over the keys, our clients don’t need to hire more trades in later months to finish off the home.  We don’t believe that fly screens are an ‘optional extra’. We know they are essential in summer, which is why we include them as standard. Our core values of trust and respect underpin our daily operations, meaning we deliver a trustworthy, genuine alternative within the industry.

Integrity and Focus

“Starting out in the building industry and working for large volume builders for thirteen years, I saw there was a gap in the industry. Many of the customers I met were so disgruntled, they were tired of being treated like a number. I wanted to change this stigma within industry.”

Integrity and transparency are central to Aston Homes’ core values. Unfortunately, it seems that disappointment and stress caused by unexpected costs and delays has become an accepted part of the building process. Many clients come to us feeling deflated and totally left in the lurch by another builder. Aside from our transparent package pricing, we believe that open communication is critical. Before we begin constructing a new home, our clients sit down with their building supervisor over a coffee to get better acquainted. From then on, they receive regular construction updates throughout the duration of their build. Also, we don’t see our service as ending when we hand over the keys – our service continues well into the future. We are one hundred percent focused on giving families the future they deserve. That’s the Aston way.


“Over the last ten years I’ve built properties for friends and family. Nurturing these relationships is a big part of the business itself. We’re proud to be in regular contact with many of our clients, building friendships and even being invited to Christenings! The brand and its reputation in the community means a lot to me. If a member of our team is wearing their Aston Homes jacket in the supermarket, I want people to feel happy to approach them.”

The Aston Homes team is made up of expert builders, reliable trades personnel and dedicated customer service representatives. Building across Melbourne’s outer-north and west, the Aston Homes team work exceptionally well together. We physically live our lives in the communities we build. We’re are in regular communication with the local councils, schools and community groups within the region that we build and look to add benefit to local residents. Whether you’re building at Donnybrook, Wallan, Craigieburn, Truganina, Weribee or Point Cook – your neighbourhood is our neighbourhood!

The Aston Homes team hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better and would like to get to know you too! We welcome you to visit our display homes. Our doors are open from 11AM to 5PM daily at both of our locations. For more information about visiting our display homes, please contact our sales team, or check out our facades and floorplans here.