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Nov 01, 2018

Aston Homes – Your Lifestyle Upgrade

If you’re someone who loves hosting, entertaining and opening your happy home to friends and family – but doesn’t love the leaky taps, rickety floorboards and cracks in the paint that are beginning to show – you may be looking for a lifestyle upgrade, Aston Homes style!

In today’s blog, the Aston Homes team highlight the many advantages of upgrading your home – without compromising on space and comfort. This approach to purchasing property is perfect for empty nesters who love entertaining, established families – whose children are older but sticking around – and young professionals who don’t fancy apartment living. A luxurious, lateral move, shall we say?

Low maintenance.

Are you beginning to feel like you’re swimming upstream when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your current home? If it’s not a leaky gutter, it’s a creaky door…and where is that draft coming from? Even the best cared-for homes require a significant amount of elbow grease and financial input to keep in ship-shape over the years. In a brand new Aston Homes build, everything is pristine! Your LED downlights are bright, your stone benchtops are sparkling, your Colorbond gutters are clear, your dishwasher works like a charm and your landscaped garden is growing strong – with maintenance kept to a minimum. So, if you’re seeing your plumber more often than you’re seeing your loved ones, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade!

Energy saving.

Building a new home will also ensure you are taking advantage of the latest innovation in energy efficiency when it comes to home design – which could slash your heating and cooling costs too. In Victoria, each new home, renovation, alteration or building addition needs to comply with the Victoria Building Authority’s 6-Star Energy Standard. This means lower power costs and good deeds for the environment. You’ll be pleased to learn that each and every Aston Homes build comes with a 6-Star Energy Rating.

Flawless features and finishes.

There’s something special about that box-fresh feeling! Upgrading your lifestyle means that every shared meal will be a marvel in your brand new kitchen. With beautiful finishes, plenty of light and ample bench space, you and your special ones will no doubt enjoy many more years of culinary inspiration. On a personal level, most people either start or end their day with a lovely hot shower.  The difference a spacious, sparking bathroom can make to your quality of life can be immense. Check out the double shower design of Aston Homes ‘New York’ floor plan if you’d like a taste of how the grass can indeed be greener when it comes to upgrading your lifestyle. View our current floor plan range here.

The Aston Homes team would love to discuss the next step towards achieving your best lifestyle. We also welcome you to visit our display homes and see for yourself. Our doors are open from 11AM to 5PM daily at both of our locations. For more information about visiting our display homes, please contact our sales team.