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Oct 31, 2018

Aston Homes – Creative Ways To Style Your Spare Room

We love spacious, contemporary floor plans with bedrooms a-plenty – perfect for growing or established families, those who like to spread out or regular entertainers. However, when it comes time for your not-so-little ones to pack up and leave the nest or your holiday visitors to pile their Christmas prezzies into the car and hit the road, you might find yourself with a little extra room to move. So, how can you best use this space to your advantage?

Put those interior design magazines to the side – in the latest Aston Homes blog we’re offering ideas and inspiration for styling your spare room to maximum effect!

1 – Keep A Guest Bedroom

Trust us, the kids will be back! Whether it’s to do a load of washing or make use of your speedy WiFi connection – it’s helpful to have a guest bedroom prepared for those unexpected visits. Simply add a basic bed frame, a set of neutral curtains, a chest of drawers, a stack of towels and a bedside table. You’ve got your very own guest suite. Plus, a spare bedroom makes for great storage space in between visits.

2 – A Study Space

If you regularly work from home or simply need a quiet zone for filling out forms or getting on top of life admin, a study space offers the perfect concentration station. Plus, it’s super easy to style – a cushy office chair and a sturdy desk is all you need when inspirations strikes. Try adding a leafy indoor plant to brighten up the room!

3 – Your Very Own Reading Room

A set of comfy couches, some oversized floor cushions and a trendy throw are all it takes to create a reading room that’ll inspire you to pick up a book. Include a few DIY shelves for storage and you’re set. We suggest colour coding your personal library for additional flair.

4 – An Exercise Studio

If you’re struggling to make it to the local gym as often as you’d like, your spare room can offer the perfect exercise set-up in the comfort of your own home. Even finding five minutes for a stretch or mediation session could transform your daily routine! For this room, décor is simple: safely shift in any gym equipment you own, a yoga mat, foam roller and your portable speakers. Crank your favorite workout playlist and get sweating! Nothing can stop you now!

5 – A Games Zone

If your family are board game fiends, Wii Tennis pros or Singstar superstars, a games room is the perfect idea for that extra space. Perfect for Monopoly marathons, after school play dates or summer sing offs – you’re going to want to keep this room stocked with stylish storage options so that it remains a clutter-free zone, and a table upon which to get gaming.

The Aston Homes team have put a lot of thought into creating create spacious, flowing and contemporary floor plans suitable for first home buyers, growing families, downsizing retirees or love-up couples. Looking to meet your perfect Aston Homes match? Check out our diverse array of facades and floor plans to suit your lifestyle here.