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Oct 18, 2018

Free-Standing House Or Apartment – Why We’re On Team House!

So, you’ve been saving your dollars like a trooper and a deposit is shaping up nicely – now it’s time to consider purchasing property. While some people favour the convenience of inner-city apartment living, others prefer the space and flexibility of building a house-sized life in the suburbs. So what type of home best suits your lifestyle and needs? Let’s find out.

Both free-standing houses and modern apartments offer several benefits based on individual needs and goals. However, today’s blog unpacks why the Aston Homes team consider building a house in Melbourne’s outer suburbs to be the superior option of the two. Not that we’re at all biased!


Free-standing homes tend to offer far more than apartments in terms of room to move and storage.  All of Aston homes floor plans feature attached garages with an internal door (not several floors down in the elevator) making it very easy to move about no matter the weather or time of day or night. This space extends outdoors, too. If you have a green thumb or you’re hoping to start a family or simply love lazy sunday summer sessions, a backyard is ideal. Want to build a pergola? No problem. A cubby-house? Check. Entertaining area? That too! Homeowners are able to enjoy the freedom of their very own outdoor space.


If you own a free-standing home on its own title, there are no owners’ corporation or strata regulations to abide by or associated annual costs. You can renovate, extend or upgrade the house, adding value and livability as you wish. Being free to create your home as you want it without restrictions is a very important benefit to home ownership. As home owners ourselves, we understand that personal touches make a house a home.


A third major benefit of opting for a free-standing house instead of an apartment is that you’re generally not living in your neighbour’s pocket. You and the little ones are free to blast the Frozen soundtrack night or day without having to worry about disturbing your neighbors – a luxury seldom enjoyed in apartment life!

We recognise there are some wonderful benefits to apartment living. Proximity to the city centre, access to amenities (gym, sauna, pool) and extra security, just to name a few. However, at Aston Homes we truly believe there’s nothing better than getting home, shrugging off the day and feeling the peace and tranquility of quiet around you for those first home feels.

The Aston Homes team are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about making a start on your property journey. We also welcome you to visit our display homes and see for yourself. Our doors are open from 11AM to 5PM daily at both of our locations. For more information about visiting our display homes, please contact our sales team.