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Mar 14, 2018

What to Expect When Visiting Our Display Homes

Embarking on your visit to Aston Homes’  luxurious display suites? Our team can’t wait to welcome you! We understand that visiting a display home for the first time is an exciting occasion for you and your family, which is why our friendly team want to ensure that you have the most informative, insightful and enjoyable experience possible.

Whether you’re coming to us at the very beginning of your building process, or you’re just dropping by to narrow down the finer details of fittings and design – it pays to be prepared for your visit. To help you along, our Aston Homes superstar Sales Associate has outlined what you can expect from your Aston Homes visit in today’s blog!

  1. Welcome

We aim to make every display home visit a personalised experience for each potential client that walks through our door.  I enjoy welcoming them, making them feel at ease and getting to know more about their reason for visiting. We’ll determine whether they want a single or double storey home – as single stories are our speciality. We also like to determine the location they’re considering building in, as we are expert across the North/West corridor of Melbourne. We may ask them what their budget entails and whether they have a house or house and land package in mind, before we steer them in the right direction. If they’re after house only, we’ll offer them designs to suit their block – and for house and land packages, we’ll highlight those that are in line with their budget.

And, in true Aston Homes style – the kids are welcome too! We treat the little ones to a carpeted play area with a blackboard, colouring books and a selection of great toys.  They’re even given an Aston Homes light up yo-yo to take home with them! We also have a state of the art interactive screen which displays our website, where customers are welcome to view our designs on the big screen if they prefer. Kids love it too!

  1. Time to Tour

Often, customers are quite happy to explore our display homes independently. Before a client enters our displays, my colleague Rob or I explain that everything they are about to see inside our displays is not upgraded or presented for ‘just for show’ – it’s our standard! It is refreshing to see our customers react in such a positive way to this happy news. Of course, we do let them know of the alternative upgrades we offer, such as higher ceilings, low profile roof tiles and thicker stone benchtops (just to name a few).

  1. Sharing of Information

Clients requiring a home built on their own block are more than welcome to sit with Rob or to make an appointment for a time that suits. Rob is more than happy to assess engineering reports and ensure the house they select will suit their land. I assist Rob in finding documentation and recording customer details on our enquiry forms, along with their wish lists!  Rob has many years of expertise in the industry and customers can rest assured that he will help them achieve the property they envisage.

  1. Thanks for visiting!

In farewelling, we ask potential clients not to hesitate to contact Rob or myself via email or phone to ask any further questions. We’ll say goodbye hoping that our clients have found their dream design!

  1. Follow Up

If we haven’t heard anything back from our clients, Rob will give them a courtesy call.  I like to send a courtesy email thanking clients for visiting, and checking whether clients require any further assistance. This follow up process is important, as selecting a home is a momentous step for many families.

  1. Beginning your Aston Homes build!

Let’s get started! The Aston Homes team want you to feel as though we’re #BringingYouHome every time you visit our display homes. Our doors are open from 11AM to 5PM daily at both of our locations. For more information about visiting our display homes, please contact our sales team, or check out our facades and floorplans here!